Mating Stalls

CAWI can supply a range of mating stalls, all with open front partitions for superior boar contact. The low rear design and the opening between the saloon gates provides easy access to the stall and enough space for insemination, stimulation and scanning. CAWI stalls are made of first-class material, are hot dipped galvanized, and have a standard  length  of 220cm. To ensure optimum stimulation of  the sows, CAWI developed stalls with “swing gates” at the front, which can be operated from behind the sows.


Insimination Stall with Single through and Tri-Bar Slat.  (Low or high saloon gates)


Insimination Stalls  with long SS-through and " saloon gates"


Long SS trough.                                   Low rear gates and Tri-bar slats with manure-flap

Swing gates for Boar positioning / stimulationn in double row

Grouppen for rearinggilts

Boarpen wit front and Backdoor.                Swing gates for boar positioning / stimulation