Multi-sided group housing for sows

•   stable / fixed groups
•   dynamic / changeable groups
•   Group housing with Bio-Rythmic feeding.  

Stable fixed groups for gestation

The CAWI self-locking VIP stalls are the ideal solution for group housing. With “VIP” stalls (very important pig) every sow has their own feeding place and this way, the animals can determine their own sleeping and eating patterns. The feeding happens at monitored times, this results in a foreseeable and controllable situation. A whole group, or individual sow can, during the feeding times, be locked in for check up's, treatments or movement. This open-access stall secures a genuine escape possibility for the sow. The combination of the troughdoor and the rear gate system provides easy access and prevents another sow from entering the stall. The central- and single-locking system can be operated from the front- as well as from the backside.

VIP Stall with throughdoor.


The dynamic, or changable groups

For groups establishments in dynamic, also known as changeable groups, the VELOS sow management system is the solution (could also be appropriate for large stable groups). Animal friendly, large groups of sows with individual computer controlled by way of individual identification per animal. A scale of control and registration possibilities, eventually able to be linked to your personal management programme. Because of this, you get extra tools to react faster and to improve your results.

Grouphousing System with sow identification.

Both before mentioned systems can be used with half slatted floors or with the use of straw. The success with groups housing of sows, will be determined by the lay-out of your stable.


The BIO-FEED sow housing system

The BIO-FEED sow housing system was especially designed for small groups of sows.
Every sow has her own partitioned-off feeding place. Regular feeding times and slowly dosing out the portions keep the sows calm and in their own place. The elongated feeding time, gives the sow manager time for control and if neccesary, treatment of individual animals.

Controlpanel for Biofeed-system