Farrowing crates with optimal reach

The farrowing rooms are the pride of every farm. CAWI is therefore constantly seeking to improve its farrowing  products. The crates in the two different head exist are so constructed that the fall out percentage of the piglets stays as low as possible. Because of the special shaped form the sow has more room for lying and the piglets can easily reach their mothers udder. CAWI crates are designed to ensure the lowest possible mortality, are adjustable in width and length, and have an elevated trough. The tubular side panels have upper grates and are equipped with bended legs. The lower bar with the outward-facing fingers is placed high to create more space for the piglets and the tiltable wings or “piglet savers” prevent the sow from lying down on her piglets. The rounded rear gate protects the sow and provides sufficient space during farrowing. Aside that there has also been made sure of that optimal reach has been made available by putting in a lowered back side and special back door.




Farrowing crate type "Universal" All models are suitable for straight or diagonal positions, and 'fresh nose ventilation' is possible everywhere. The water lines are fitted accordingly for every farm situation and are fitted to the needs of both sucklings and sow.

Nipple for sow and piglets                           Creepfeeder                           Pigletfeeder



The floor is one of the most important parts of the farrowing crate. CAWI  use high-quality plastic flooring with integrated hot water heating elements. Very comfortable and efficient. You can select various cast-iron, plastic or Tri-bar inserts for underneath the sow. (see also flooring page)