Perfect in the tiniest detail Weaners

For weaners, CAWI developed a concept based on stainless steel profiles with strong PVC panels. These materials have a guaranteed long life and are very easy to clean. For ad-lib feeding, CAWI can supply high-quality dry feeders, which  can be combined with either a separate nipple or bowl drinker or wet feeders with an easy and very effective dosing mechanism. The unique CARAS limited feeding system is suitable for every group size and therefore for every farm. CAWI uses high-quality plastic flooring, which offers the piglets optimum grip, freedom and movement.

Weanerpen with plastic floor and Dry-feeder with seperate drinkingbowl.


Weanerpen with plastic floor and Groupfeeder for groups till 40 Piglets.

Weanerpen with lid

Swingfeeder with seperated drinkingbowl      Groupsfeeder with nipples

CARAS Limited feeding-system with long trough.