Floor grids for optimal comfort

Besides the well known steel grids for half-slatted floors, CAWI Pig Farm Solutions delivers the best plastic floor grids in different designs. They are appropriate for half or full grid floors. These highly worthy plastic grids are soft, warm and offer the best stance for the piglets when it comes to optimal moving space. Also useful, is the integrated heating system in the floors. Independent research has stated this system to be the best solution and with the lowest heating costs.

Especially designed for the farrowing rooms are floors with a 'sow island'. This island is made out of cold castiron with a special high/low profile to create the best "grip" for the sows. Eventually this island can also be foreseen with a shoulder plate capable of extra cooling possibilities.


Cast Iron sow-island and next to this the floorheating pannel.


ACS Plastic floor grids for sows                                Detaill

ACS Plastic floor grids for piglets                      Dtaill


ACS floor heating by warm water element

Super-coated floor with Tri-Bar insert or Cast-Iron insert.

Special designed sow grid with manure flap.