Solid accommodation for meat pigs

CAWI manufactures strong and durable finisher pens. All pens are made of stainless steel profiles and very strong plastic panels. This guarantees a very long life expectancy, and is very easy to clean. As well as the profiles, the hanging and lock work has also been crafted from stainless steel. For the feeding of your pigs CAWI International offers a wide range of feeding products such as various troughs, dry feeders, wet feeders, and group feeders which are suitable for every farm situation. The CARAS feeding system is the preferred system for limited dry feeding of large groups.  It offers the best growing results at the lowest feeding costs.


Finisher pens with groupfeeder in Dividingpanel.


Cast Iron slat on manure channel                             Detail handgrip frontpanel

Groupsfeeders with 2 eatingplaces                     CAWI Single wetfeeder one eating place.


Weighingmachine 200Kg.