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Automatic Feeding

CAWI Pig Farm Solutions offers an entire scale of possibilities. From dry feeding with simple transport systems to fully computer controlled systems with precision weighing. At the same time, CAWI delivers a fully automatic feeding system, where the use of different byproducts can prove very useful. An ACF feeding system can be expanded to a real management tool, the system is user friendly and has very broad and individual controlling possibilities.

Feeding systems from CAWI means a range of durable feeding automation with basis flex-auger and extra strong chain-disk delivery lines with 60mm tubes. Loading hopper with safety sensor for flex-auger filling with controlled feed quantities of meal and pellets into the feeding system.

Feed outlet with shut-off slide or with SS-selector slide for more kind of feed with one line. Unique model out of two parts. Easy to mount without screws and prevents penetration of water and moisture. In combination with tel. drop pipes you regulate the feed level into the animal feeders.

Drive unit for chain feeding system with SS steel body,  E-motor ( 1.5HP-400V) Aut. tensioning and safety switches.  High quality corner unit,s with castiron wheel and bearing.


Feeddispencers for volume-dosing of meal and pellets. Motor winch, for central opening dispencers. Also used for aut. operation of the selector slide,s with different kinds of feed.


Multi phase feeding for pigs.

Fully automatic computer controlled feeding system with weighing and mixing device. For several types of feed from more stores into different compositions and grow curves per pen or crate.

SS Weighing-and mixing device with dosing auger per feedline. Useful capacity of 40/80Kg. To be filled from the bulk bin stores by flex-auger.

Electro-pneumatic operated feed-valve with 24V. coil.


BIO-FEED System for individual sow,s or grouphousing.

This unique slow feed system, where an electronic doser feeds every animal a pre approved portion multiple times a day. This means less food in the trough. This also means that changing or modifying doses is incredibly fast and easy.

The BIO-FEED sow housing system was especially designed for small groups of sows. Every sow has her own partitioned-off feeding place. Regular feeding times and slow feed dosing keep the sows calm and in their own place. This gives the sow manager time for control and treatment.

Every animal has more time to eat their feedportion, less feed in the through means easier acces to the drinking water supply. Feeding more times per day is better for the gastroenteric tract and allows the sow to take in more feed.


CARAS Feeding system for large groups of waeners, finishers or gilts.

The CARAS feeding system is unique in a way which allows each animal to eat in their own space, producing quality meat.